Bike to Work

1,300 employees cycle 8 times around the world

1,300 employees in 340 teams from 62 companies jumped on their bicycles during the Bike to Work Spring Challenge from May 3 until May 31. Together they cycled a sturdy 331,827.54 kilometres, despite the drizzling weather and the corona restrictions. In doing so, they saved 58 tonnes of CO². Bike to Work, the cycling motivation programme of Fietsersbond, and Bosch eBike Systems, the main sponsor of the Spring Challenge, look back with satisfaction. The Spring Challenge is the largest cycling challenge for company teams in Belgium.

1,300 cycling colleagues & 493 NEW cyclists

1,300 cycling colleagues in 340 teams from 62 companies challenged each other during the Spring Challenge to cycle as often as possible through all types of weather. Each team took up the challenge to cycle 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the competition days. The teams that succeeded in this, had a chance to win nice prizes at the finish and during playful week assignments.

Seasoned home-work cyclists attracted no fewer than 493 new colleagues to cycle along. Each team with a new participant also competed in the Newcomers' classification. Along the way, the teams encouraged each other: they shared tips on how to keep pedalling, nominated their cycling heroes, took a crazy photo together with their team, etc.

Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium topped the list with 54 teams and 217 participants.

Together through all kinds of weather

The Spring Challenge created a sense of togetherness that was gratifying during the drizzly month of May and after the lockdowns. Thanks to their team spirit, the 1,300 participants cycled a combined total of 331,827.54 km, which is equal to 8 times around the globe and a CO² reduction of 58 tons.

"Despite the bad weather, day after day we found the energy to continue. Not only have our sporting feelings been rekindled, but cycling together (yet separately) has only strengthened our bond in these coronary times and how nice it is to see that rewarded with prizes. So on behalf of our Hi5 team, I would like to say to the Bike to Work team. Thank you for getting us all so connected on the bike!"
Isolde Aelterman, team Hi5 BASF Innovation Center Ghent

"The bicycle is emerging as one of the big winners of the crisis, as it has gained in relevance during these coronation times. Cycling and eBikes contribute to healthy mobility for everyone! As the main sponsor of Bike To Work's Spring Challenge, we are extremely proud to see how many participants have cycled together in these challenging times!'"
Vineeta Diels, Marketing Communication Manager Bosch eBike Systems Benelux

The winning teams

The winning teams not only achieved their cycling ambition, but also gave the most correct answer to the tiebreaker question: "How many km did all the participants in the Spring Challenge cycle together?

Bosch eBike Systems made it possible to award the winners of the Spring Challenge with beautiful prizes. Prize partners Lezyne, AGU and LIDL completed the prize cabinet.

Winners General classification

Category Team Company Prize
100% De bikers De Kindervriend Weekend in Vienna by night train for 2 (per team member)
75% Parenterals Janssen Parmaceutica NV Weekend in a luxury hotel for 2 (per team member)
50% G-force 1 Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Mol High quality AGU cycling clothing worth €250 (per team member)
25% Plantrekkers Danone Lezyne bicycle accessories worth €100 (per team member)

Winners Newcomers' classification

Category Team Company Prize
100% The small Wolf Pack Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg Weekend in Paris by Thalys for 2 (per team member)
75% QO Velo’s Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium nv Weekend in a luxury hotel for 2 (per team member)
50% G-force 2 Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Mol High quality AGU cycling clothing worth €250 (per team member)
25% Sociaal Beleid On The Go! Stad Mechelen Lezyne bicycle accessories worth €100 (per team member)

Top 10 participating employers according to number of participating teams

1 Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium nv 54
2 Bnp Paribas Fortis 26
3 Infrabel 18
4 Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg 17
5 De Kindervriend 16
6 Danone 16
7 Gza 15
8 az Sint-Blasius 13
9 Stad & Ocmw Sint-Niklaas 12
10 Heilig Hartziekenhuis Mol 12

67 employers and 4,451 employees cycled 58,564 rides during Bike for Life from 1 to 31 October 2023 for the good cause: A Bike for All.  Bike for Life was possible thanks to Bosch eBike Systems, the well-known manufacturer of drives for e-bikes. Bike for Life raised 58,367 euros.