Bike to Work

A new eBike this Spring?

Spring is in the air. Are you considering buying a new electric bike for your daily commute? How do you make the best choice? Some facts and tips at a glance.

80% of the bikes sold for commuting are electric. Two thirds of these are eBikes up to 25 km/h, one third are speedpedelecs (up to 45 km/h). On average, people spend between €3,000 and €8,000 on their eBike for commuting. A quality and reliable bike for your daily ride to work contributes to your physical and mental health. Moreover, you don't lose any time in traffic.

5 tips when choosing your new eBike

Tip 1: take your cycling route into account

Which type of eBike to choose depends on your route to work. Distance is important when choosing a battery, but the route you take also plays a role. If you cycle through village centres or along many intersections, an eBike up to 25km/h will do . A speedpedelec is an option if you can take long stretches of cycle highways or towpaths.

Tip 2: think about your cycling comfort

Think about your sitting posture. Do you prefer a comfortable upright posture or do you want a more sporty lying posture? This choice immediately excludes a whole range of bike types.    

Tip 3: choose a low-maintenance bike    

Choose components with a long service life. After all, you should always be able to count on your bike. In purchase your bike will be more expensive, but afterwards you save on maintenance and repair time.
- Choose a hub gear, especially if you want to cycle in all weather conditions.
- Consider a belt instead of a chain. This will last longer and requires no maintenance.
- Choose disc brakes: maintenance friendly and very reliable.
- Choose a quality engine: Bosch middle motors are the most sold.

Tip 4: buy your bike at a dealer in the neighbourhood

Choose a bicycle shop close to you. That's practical for maintenance. What's more, you're assured of good service because you're a customer. Inform yourself well about the bike that suits you best at the dealer. Try out your preferred bicycle(s) during a test ride. During the corona measures, some bike shops deliver bikes for testing at your home. Ask your bicycle dealer if this is possible.

Tip 5: get well insured on your way

80% of people who buy a new bike also take an insurance. This insurance usually covers theft, damage and breakdown.

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67 employers and 4,451 employees cycled 58,564 rides during Bike for Life from 1 to 31 October 2023 for the good cause: A Bike for All.  Bike for Life was possible thanks to Bosch eBike Systems, the well-known manufacturer of drives for e-bikes. Bike for Life raised 58,367 euros.