Bosch eBike Systems

Smart Bosch technology prevents theft of eBikes

A short stop at the baker's. You put your bike against the facade, but you don't lock it. Only a few seconds of inattention are enough to steal a bike. It is therefore important to secure your eBike properly. 

A good mechanical lock is of course indispensable. Bosch eBike Systems makes it even more difficult for thieves to steal an eBike thanks to the new 'Lock' function. "This function is activated when you remove the on-board computer from your eBike. It ensures that it is no longer possible to cycle with motor support. Only when the same on-board computer is put back on the handlebar, the electronic lock is released and you can use your bike again," says Claus Fleischer, Managing Director of Bosch eBike Systems. This makes stealing an eBike unattractive: after all, without support, riding pleasure is severely restricted and the chance of resale is also significantly reduced.

The Lock function can be used with onboard computer Kiox from Bosch and is compatible with the Bosch drive systems Active Line and Active Line Plus from model year 2018 and Cargo Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX from model year 2020.


67 employers and 4,451 employees cycled 58,564 rides during Bike for Life from 1 to 31 October 2023 for the good cause: A Bike for All.  Bike for Life was possible thanks to Bosch eBike Systems, the well-known manufacturer of drives for e-bikes. Bike for Life raised 58,367 euros.