Cycling to work in figures

Cycling to work is more and more common. This is not only noticeable on the road, but is also evident from a whole series of studies and surveys.  How popular is the bicycle exactly?  We list some recent figures for Flanders and Belgium.

FietsDNA - Fietsberaad Vlaanderen - 2020

25% of Flemish people (almost) always commute to work or school by bike
The average bicycle commuting time is 25 minutes (one way).

Source: Fietsberaad

Federal Commuting Survey 2017 - 2018

In 2017, 11.1% of Belgians chose the bicycle as their main mode of transport to work.
In Brussels, 4.4% choose the bicycle as their main means of transport to work, in Flanders 17% and in Wallonia 1.6%.

Source: Federal Commuting Survey

Acerta Mobility Barometer - Belgium - 2020

33% of Belgians sometimes use the bicycle, whether or not in combination with another means of transport. In 2019 this was 30,5
14.6% of Belgians always use the bicycle. The province of Flemish Brabant is in the lead with 18.5%.
The average distance between home and work is just under 20 km

Source: Acerta

Statistiek Vlaanderen - 2019

17% of Flemish employees use the bicycle as their main means of transport.
In 2019, 5% of all commuting trips were made by electric bike.

Source: Statistiek Vlaanderen

SD Worx - Belgium - 2020

Between 2019 and 2020, there is an increase of 20% more employees receiving a bicycle allowance.
Strong regional differences in the number of employees receiving a bicycle allowance: East Flanders 26%, Antwerp 25%, Brussels 9% and Flemish Brabant 10%.

Source: SD Worx

How often do the employees of your company cycle to work?
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