Bike to Work

DNS Belgium is a Cycle Friendly Employer

DNS Belgium was recently certified as a Cycle Friendly Employer. The company, which is responsible for the registration and management of Belgian domain names, obtained a Silver Cycle Friendly Employer Certificate after an audit by the Fietsersbond. DNS Belgium sees the certificate as the culmination of their efforts to encourage cycling to work.

"We want to play a pioneering role in the field of sustainability", says Sustainability Coordinator Arnaud Recko. "Mobility plays an important role in this. Our ambitious mobility plan focuses on raising awareness and on concrete actions for a greener society.”

Bike to Work

Raising awareness of CO2 emissions
DNS Belgium is actively engaged in motivating and informing its employees about CO2 emissions and the climate action plan. Each employee has his or her CO2 score calculated.

Encouraging cycling
DNS Belgium stimulates cycling with concrete measures. "We encourage our employees with an adapted cafeteria plan to exchange their company car for a leased bicycle with a maintenance contract", explains Arnaud Recko. "We provide a bicycle allowance, participate in Bike to Work and campaigns such as the Sustainable Mobility Day, the Bike to Work Spring Challenge, the national applause day for cyclists, Car Free Day ...".

Measures to reduce CO2 emissions
We give our employees the opportunity to work partly from home. We attend international conferences abroad from a distance, if possible. In addition to cycling and working from home, DNS Belgium wants to reduce its CO2 emissions in other ways. The lease fleet promotes sustainable models and the company encourages the train and shared bikes. DNS Belgium wants to compensate for any remaining emissions by planting forests in Flanders and protecting tropical forests in the South.

Arnoud Recko: "With these actions for greener mobility we want to become climate neutral or even climate positive. We see this European recognition as a Cycle Friendly Employer as a sign that we are doing well. It is a motivation to continue our efforts".

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67 employers and 4,015 employees cycled 58,564 rides during Bike for Life from 1 to 31 October for the good cause: A Bike for All.  Bike for Life was possible thanks to Bosch eBike Systems, the well-known manufacturer of drives for e-bikes. Bike for Life raised 56,960 euros.